Monday, June 18, 2012

I don't need no stinkin' dining room!

The shop has commandeered my home!  Or at least what used to be my formal dining room!

                 I have been accumulating vintage wares for my shop for some time now.  
The dining room is the only room not used on a daily basis, so it all landed there.  
It's getting a little out of hand at this point.
   I can't believe I'm posting these, here's some honesty for you!

It's sooooo bad right now!  I was in there polishing this morning, and it's just not even pleasant to be in there with it like this!

It helps to have this in there...

Although not ideal at 10am, right?

What to do?  Well for starters stop calling it my dining room.  And make some changes to make it my proper "office / workspace".

My desk is currently in a nook in the family room.  Fits perfectly at the base of the stairs.  (laundry in background count: 2)

In fairness, I wasn't even using it much until these recent adventures in online shenanigans.
But I love that West Elm metal wrapped desk!  When I finally decided to pull the trigger it was on backorder for months!  It's got the perfect amount of metallic for the room.

As an aside, the Hermes scarf, well it's so tiny I think "scarf" is a stretch, has been 
hung in a gorgeous frame my mil was no longer using.  
It's not properly hung, as I did it myself, but it works for now, and makes me happy.  
Two of my kids are drummers, so the drum pattern seemed perfect!

The bar is going to have to come out as well, just seems silly to have it in there once I change over.  But I love the collection we've begun surrounding the bar.  

This guy is totally my favorite!  THIS is what I'm designing the office around.  I've just decided!  He's bad ass, kinda funny, and glossy white! 

Okay, so back to the office.  The giant ikea cubbie thing is going - my son's actually moving out next month, and I can't wait for him to lug that beast up 3 flights of stairs.   
paybacks sucka!!!!

I'm thinking of putting the desk in between the 2 windows, leaving one long wall and 2 shorter walls for work surfaces and storage for all my goodies.

I'd like to find a matching set of chinoiserie faux bamboo etageres.  I stumbled upon an amazing store in south florida, but I think I can do better on the prices if I'm willing to keep hunting.  Well no matter, because these 4 beauties are SOLD.

They really have a lot of items that fit the flavor I want for the office.  I'd love to find a super swanky chandelier for the room too! Why not?  I'm thinking colorful, glam and definitely punches of Hollywood Regency.

Like this deliciousness...

or this orange dream...

So I'm looking at desktop area, shelving for store items, and an area for polishing and packing.

And given the amount of time involved in these ventures, the room just needs to make me feel good about being in there.  It really makes all the difference.

The fact it's open to the front foyer is also another reason.

So no after shots folks! Befores only!   I'm just in the beginning of this project.  I've never documented an "in process" before, so this will be interesting!  Ha, I hope it's at the very least interesting!!! 

So if you've been to my shop than you know I've got an assortment of vintage goods, no one particular style or era.   I just like what I like, of course shiny and sparkly are an instant draw for me. I think I've avoided some "granny" moments!  Once you get those vintage pieces in your home to mix and play nice with some of your newer things, they take on a whole new appearance!

I added 2 lamps last week.

Different styles, but could definitely play nice together in close proximity.  
There always seems to be a theme in how I come across my items. 
 Lamps are totally in my face right now, IN YOUR FACE, and I'm scheduled to view 2 more.  

Wonder what it will be this week?  Ok, well I don't wonder, because I already know! 
Maybe you wonder?

Oh, one last thing! The photos - those damn photos kick me every time!  I don't even think I'm getting better yet!  But I am trying!  I even used a sheet to try to just highlight the item.  Now, I didn't IRON the sheet, for reals?! Sigh, the downside to all my super reflective surfaces I guess?! The best, truly, is the photo where you can see me peeking over the sheet to get the shot!  
I can just imagine the snarks over that one!

Whatevs! I left it up on purpose!

sparkle & shine,

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