Thursday, June 7, 2012

jute, jute, riot!

I'm a total fan of jute. Jute wrapped anything!  When in your decor in moderation, I think it's different and interesting.

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That console table is FANTASTICAL!  It would look so good in my foyer! hell, it would look good in just about anyone's foyer! Love it.

I had already wrapped a few bottles in jute with a glue gun a couple years ago. Simple enough to do while watching the tube.  yeah, i do that quite a bit.  I know you can purchase them online, but I think it's easy enough to do yourself, if you like it, try it!  
I used an old champagne bottle, champagne split bottle and a glass water bottle. 
 I just like the shapes together.  Best is FREE FREE FREE people! 
Basically, you just need a roll of jute, I got mine at Joann ( 50% off coupon-BAM ) for under $4.  Get out your $1.99 glue gun and just begin at the top.

You want to put that first edge just below where you want the top row to be, so you can overlap that beginning piece so it's uniform.  I wrapped tightly so I only added a dollop of glue periodically, keep an eye on how tight each row is to determine if you need more glue.

Like I mentioned, I did these 2 years ago, and they look as solid and nice as when I first wrapped them.  You can choose to spray some sort of clear coat or lacquer over them.  You can readily find those types at Joann, Micheal's etc. 

I move them around throughout the house, often when I need to balance out the aqua and shine that I seem to gravitate to like a sickness...

Which brings me to these...

Found the pair for a song at a garage sale.  Loved them for Lila's room that I was currently in process of redoing for her.  But those shades were nasty-mcnasterson! Ugly, stained and just screamed 70s smoker!  But I'm a cheap girl and lampshades are not cheap.  I had a real issue paying more for the shades than the lamps!  I suppose any normal person would have averaged out the cost of both and been happy with the deal.  

I can not think like a normal person.

So I thought the jute just might work!  Great idea, but be forewarned: this takes FOREVER!!! 
(or over several days, depending on your ability to stay on task)

Same process as for the bottles for the most part.  Except I think I used 5 rolls of jute.  If you are all mathy and smarty, you may be able to figure out how much you'll need in advance.  I'm more of the keep driving back to the store for ONE MORE ROLL camp.  
You will have to glue damn near every inch of this jute!  The shade just wasn't rigid enough to skip along with the glue.  And it's going to make a glue-stringy mess!    One last tip, once you get about 2/3 of the way down, flip the lampshade over and begin again from the bottom until you meet up with what you've already done!
Otherwise you could have inadvertently made a slope which will leave you short on one side! 

Because this was a personal project, I just did it while watching tv, until my short attention span was maxed, and I just picked it up later.

It's best to have your glue sticks ready, and I put the roll of jute in a bowl to keep it from rolling all over the place, as it inevitably will.  bugger.

sorry xtina- you kind of took the brunt of the glue! What?! have you tried to pick that stuff off your table?  It's really a never ending battle.  In fact it's so tedious, you can't even bribe your kids to do it!

Note: I did spray the lampshades when I was done wrapping with a clear coat.  I used what I had on hand which was Krylon Crystal Clear.

So with some patience, and slightly burned fingertips it totally becomes worth it!

no matter what that tv screen says to you, it ain't Kenny Rogers! bizarro image...
The lamps are used daily and I've not had any negative issues with them at all.  In fact, Lila hangs her collection of 3-D glasses over the top and it hasn't affected the jute at all.

Of course, because Lila is a tween - her room is not really camera ready!  So here's a limited shot of the lamp in her room! 

She's got so much color going on in there!  I think the naturalness of the jute is perfect. 
She loves them too and it's nice she has something unique, that no one else has!

Her room is actually 90% done, so I'm hoping to be able to show off the whole room in the very near future!  Linens and rug still elude me.  There's so many directions to go with them, I am having a hard time deciding.  Definitely something with color, maybe a graphic pattern for the floor?  For sure I'd like her linens monogramed, I just think it's such an easy thing to do that gives big impact.   I always notice monogramed linens and think it's such a thoughtful touch.  Between her artwork, her hoarding collecting, and my plan for the room - a few more meeting of the mind's need to happen.  Although it's great she has such an interest in it, it's awesome to hear and see her perspective!

Those nesting tables are pret-ty damn awesome right?! I'm super happy with how they turned out!

Nesting tables tomorrow!

Been by the shop?  I added a handful of new items yesterday!  Also you can find the items styled with the jute bottles from above as well!

sparkle & shine,

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