Monday, June 11, 2012

Painted Nesting tables...

How about a colorful diy for the Monday blahs?

I found these vintage nesting tables and they were fairly solid, but definitely dirty, buried in 10 layers of various paints and in need of a little lovin. 

After I scrubbed them, and sanded them down smooth as I could, I noticed a lot of chips in the top laminate layer.  I originally figured I'd just paint them all white, or maybe a fun color to complement Lila's room.  But after seeing all those chips I thought a patterned top would disguise the blemishes better.

I began by painting a good solid base coat of Krylon in glossy white.
i love me a can of spraypaint!

Then I jumped on google to look for inspiration.  I came across this:

I thought it was an amazing pattern, and loved the opportunity for color!  
(by the way, she has done some awesome custom stencils, you should check them out!)

She offered a tutorial of how she did hers, I gave it a once over and figured I'd just wing it.  I'm not a trained artist by any means, but i love drawing and painting, and i usually don't hesitate with projects like these.  It was easy enough to do, just time really.  So if it looks good to you, don't think twice, give it a go! 

I started by making vertical guides with a pencil, to give myself some beginning and stopping points. They are where the colors break.

I used those little jars of acrylic craft paint.  You may be able to tell in the photos, but some of the colors/brands went on more opaque than others.  So the more translucent colors needed several coats.  
I just used what paints I had on hand.

I tried to move around the rows as I was trying not to have any patterns in the colors.  

On the larger one, I noticed the pattern was much neater than the smaller ones.  I wanted a more relaxed, "sloppy" look.  You can certainly choose to have it either way.  When I found it was too "neat" I just added another layer of color.

I used a styrofoam flat or tray from the grocery store as my palette, so I could have all the colors out at the same time, which helped even out the specific color usage.  Keeping a jar of water handy to rinse the brush for color changes, made it go faster.

I didn't use black or white for the initial stripes.  So what I did with the black, was when the table was filled in, I used a smaller, more narrow brush, and just kind of randomly added some thinner lines.  It worked well for hiding if one color stripe blobbed into another.

Then I took a really narrow brush, and white paint, and went vertically at every other meeting point.  I held the brush at the very top so it wouldn't be very steady.  I also went back over the initial line at least twice to get a true white.

Almost finished!  The edges, because I didn't tape off the surrounding lip, were overlapped and sloppy.
(bad sloppy not good sloppy)

there's a groove surrounding the top, so that was helpful for clean up.  I simply added white from the groove on down the side.  Made it look much cleaner.

you may need more than one coat to cover some of the darker colors.  but worth the extra step for sure!

Each size table has a different size pattern on the surface, and I'm really happy with the way that turned out.  But you can opt to make them all the same size if that's your preference.  
stick with me, this is going to be hard to explain...
if you look at the largest one, from the left of the table edge to the first vertical white stripe?  That is the width I used for the next size down, but for TWO rows of color, instead of just the one on the largest.
And reduced similarly from the 2nd table to the smallest.
Got that?

Once they were totally dry, I gave them several coats of this 

I wanted to be sure they could be wiped down, and that they wouldn't yellow.  (i've found with some polys, they tend to turn yellowish over time. this particular type of poly does NOT yellow)

She LOVES them.  i LOVE them, couldn't be happier with the finished result!

Only drawback, is the pain in your upper back from hunching over the tables for a couple days. 
worth it?  yay i say!

the sweet love framed image is actually a Junkfood tshirt that she outgrew, but we both loved the images so much we saved them and framed them in LP Album frames!  There's another tshirt framed on the other side of her bed, but no photos yet... sigh, I know.  Look - she's up there cleaning (stalling, staring at the ceiling, texting, anything but cleaning I'm sure) right now! 

I have 5 new LP Album frames I won't be using - $8 each plus shipping, email me if you can use them!

Need something for your nightstand?  something to hold your hair ties and rings?

How about...

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Thanks for stopping back-
have a great week!

sparkle & shine,

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