Monday, June 4, 2012

what's in a name?

So it's pretty obvious I'm running late for the blog train.  It wasn't even my first intention, the Etsy shop was top priority.  I really believed I could create a Facebook fanpage and use that to coincide with the shop.  But considering no one really knows who I am, my current fan base consist of sweet, supporting friends and family.  Not those who "Liked" it because they stumbled upon it's awesomeness!  I'm worried they'll start to "hide" my posts when they get my decor ramblings in their feed.  Well, that and the fact I'd no idea how to even start to build a blog!  Thankfully, I've got a house full of tech savvy peeps and since I'm their wife or mother, they're obligated to assist.  So blog it be.

The most difficult part of this entire effort is what to call it?  I had an easier time naming my children.  (Gunnar, Chase and Lila) I've had some super awesome freaking fantastic suggestions for friends and their endeavors... why drawing a blank now?  For real. And can I just say those design girls/guys with "H" or "Amy" or any variant of "vintage" or "design" have that shizz LOCKED UP!  I also have a strong affinity for a certain number.  Nope, taken. sold. no vacancy friend.  When I finally decided on something I felt good about, I couldn't get across the internet board. Can I just tell you how incredibly annoying of a time this was for the other members of my household?  Poor things.  By the way, they've survived it, thank you for worrying about them.

I wanted to allow this to evolve and grow, so the name needed to permit that.  I hope it becomes more than just an Etsy shop Also, I think it does help if it gives some indication of what the heck it is, right? Is it wrong to share amysvintagedecorium wasn't my 1st or even 5th choice?  Is your confidence in me beginning to waiver yet?  Rest easy friends, I've come to love amysvintagedecorium, it's MINE.  It's ME. And it feels pretty damn good.

What to expect moving forward?  Of course I'm going to insert the shop all over this baby! duh. But seriously, I'd like to offer suggestions of how to use the items that I currently have for sale, maybe some purty pictures of how others have styled similar items or themes.  I DIY in various arenas, so I'd like to share some of those experiences as well.   The main theme of this blog will for sure be decor related, but I've got obsessions over shoes, and consider myself a magician in the kitchen (um, not really)!  SEE?! "Magician in the Kitchen" -that's a gem right there!  You can take it, you're welcome.  I really do enjoy cooking, so you may see a blip or two about that, but I promise it'll be one really worth posting!  I am currently trying to verse myself on some of the finer points of blog etiquette so I don't barge in and piss off a bunch of people right out of the gate.  Although if you know me personally, you may say something like, "hmmm, why change now Amy?"  Clearly, I've got a lot to learn as I steady my blog legs.

Thanks for sticking it out this far into the post!  I promise to have more pretty pictures and less corny words in the very near future!   I've got a DIY just about ready to go, shooting to have her up this week.

In the meantime, can I share one of my MOST favorite items in the shop?  These babies are so sparkly, so glam, so perfect for adding sparkle to your bar!  (somebody neglected to plan ahead and ask permission to link photos from another site to show you similar pretty babies already beautifully styled. boo. lame.  That is the preferred way, isn't it? I'll get this dialed in soon, promise!)

Available in the shop now! Find them here!

You're awesome for getting this far, gold stars for everyone! Thanks so much!

sparkle & shine,

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  1. great wit, great eye, and you've got skills.
    can't wait to see more!!!!!