Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage wares... or how about vintage wears!

Watch out, lots of exclamation points here today friends!

As "into" vintage as I am, I think it's more about classics, timeless pieces moreso than something being of any particular era.  And I've noticed since I've been shopping more frequently for the shop that I've purchased more wearables than ever!

I'm not talking about a head to toe look here, I know there are many who carry it off and look amazing. But that's not my thing, and it's not what I'm talking about here.

I just thought I'd share a few of my latest finds that are indeed vintage buy definitely crossing over into current wearability.  What's old is new again so they say...

Awesome brass oversized bangle!  Loving that hammered detailing.
Layer your bangles; wide, thin, mix the metals up!
I've always been a bracelet girl, and so happy really anything goes right now!

50s BAM!  This would be so perfect as a statement accessory!
psst...there's clip-on earrings to match! 
Who doesn't love aqua and pink together?

I love all things beach, and this mother of pearl and silver cuff is just enough.
I love iridescence this has in person.

This brass woven cuff is so awesome it almost didn't make it to the shop!

How does a cuff go out of style? Um, it doesn't.  Okay, I'll grant you the aqua beads could possibly read a bit 50s-ish, but only if they know about that style.  Otherwise you're just going to get compliments on it!

And how about some bags?

Awesome 80s fabulousness!  Please let me just tell you that not all vintage is used, smelly and scuffed up.  Sure, some of it is, hell, a lot of it can be for sure!  
This clamshell purse doesn't even look like she used it once!
I personally guarantee someone will ask you where you got this!

Okay, so I cannot actually guarantee that will happen, but you know it will most likely will.

Elegant velvet and rhinestone antique evening bag?  The interior has the softest silk lining!
It's more antique than vintage, but it's delicate and perfect for evening wear!

This vintage lucite box purse is so very cool.
It's got 2 stacked, separate compartments, I love the boxiness of it!
Sometimes the colors can be a little off in older pieces, 
at least as far as mixing with current trends.  
But this one is a beautiful ivory and about as neutral as you could get!

This fringe bag is my current bag du jour, and was in perfect condition!  Until I started to use it every single day! And not to mention I saw similar ones all over the mall the last time I was there!

Macrame bag, in beautiful condition, and the real deal!
This one didn't make the shop either!
I promise I'll send it s. - soon!

This straw clutch is classic in shape, and is perfection for summer.
And Target currently has one exactly like this but with sequins all over it.

Which I'm not a fan of at all.
The sequins on the straw, not the sequins.
I love me some sequins.

And how about his amazing crossover bag?
80s IS vintage now people!

2 things: every single time I look at that bag some song from the Beastie Boy's pops in my head.  And sorry fellas, this is about as masculine as today's post is going to get.

Although, we did buy my husband a beautiful set of Tiffany collar stays for Father's Day, and I bet you can find some vintage ones pretty easily.
And when you accidently leave them in and iron them, they won't melt like the free cheapie ones that come with the shirts!

There's always been parallels in fashion and home decor.  I just like that you can have something really well made, and likely pretty damn unique if you're open to the vintage game.

I personally like having something that isn't seen on every other girl in the place.  That said, I think I always just buy what I love whether it's for the shop or for myself and friends.

Whether it's wares or wears if you love it, it will work.

How about some "decor" since this isn't a fashion blog?

If you'd like a place to store all your pretty vintage bangles...

Perfect, right?

I tried to find the actual proper name for that 3 tiered silver plated tray, but evidently no one selling them on the internet knows either.  

Well at least we're not missing out on anything!

Whoa! Almost forgot! I've now got over 100 items in the shop and I'm trying to add more each day.
But I think for now I'll try to hover around that number.  
Just not sure if more is actually better in this case?

Unless you all head over and purchase something right now!
Could be fun, like watching me walk up a down escalator!

sparkle & shine

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ikea hacking

So I know there are a lot of design types who poopoo Ikea.  But I believe Ikea has some great design opportunities!  Definitely creative ones.
You can do a quick google on ikea hacks, and a ton of sites will come up.  
A few of them offer before and afters of some really great projects.

Here's one I think is super easy, but adds so much - 

Those nail heads are available individually (uhh if you have the patience for that sort of thing) or in strips that you nail every several inches or so.  I know Joann has them in various finishes as well. Changes the look so much in my opinion, I like little details like that.

This baby seems so simple to do, but would make such a great statement in a room -

I think it was for a teenagers room, but I would think many areas in a home could use this type of kick. The colors and patterns you could do are just limitless.

We've got our own ikea hacks going on around here.  Sadly, I don't have any "befores" or "in process" pictures to show you though.  Bad newbie blogger, bad!

Ok, so the Ikea Billy bookcase is a great piece of storage furniture, especially if you're on a budget!  You can buy them for under $100 directly from the store, or I see them on Craigslist all the time for under $40!  The shelves are adjustable, which is awesome!   Ikea also sells the shelves individually should you choose to add more or replace any.

If you're thinking you're going to paint that backing, really think about it first!  Whatever finish is on the backing really does NOT want to be painted!   
I tried Krylon primer, rolling on latex, and plain ol' spray paint without success!
 It was a total beeotch to finally get a good coat on.  
So heed my words here sweet ones - get Killz brand primer and make your life a lot easier!  But my teenager doesn't listen to my "learn from my mistakes" advice, so maybe you won't either?!  Just don't say I didn't warn ya!

I did finally get the Tiffany blue color on the back like I had intended, and am happy with the finished product for sure.  It was worth all the grief in the beginning.  I suppose the difficulty in painting the backing may be why a lot of people paint or cover fiber board and just pop that in the back of each shelf section.

I attached a few of those Command hooks on the outer side of the shelf for necklaces, bags etc.

Bonus tip having nothing to do with Ikea hacking...
I stuff my boots with empty water bottles to retain their shape.  I hate when they crease and fold over.
I don't doubt there is a product you can buy that will do this, but this was free!  
And it works really well!

Onto more Billy bookcases!

My daughter has 2 of these bookcases flanking her dresser.  I found a roll of wrapping paper that I liked and attempted to attach that to the backing.  
I originally thought I could just use spray adhesive and smooth it out, I even bought the type that you can pull up and reapply. (like a post it)
WRONG!  It kept wrinkling and was a total nightmare for someone like me who has only a teeny amount of patience, and that is usually spent by 8:15 a.m.!
On a positive note, the width of the roll was perfection, and the length was plenty, which was dumb luck because I didn't have the measurements with me when I bought them!  I wasn't even looking for paper for this project, as I assumed I'd look for fabric instead.  But hanging out in the stationary section at Target makes your brain start some creative streams.
Ultimately, we just glued a few inches on the back at the top and folded / hung it over the front.
Viola! No wrinkles!  When you attatch the backing (original) you're supposed to tack it in several spots along the back edges.  So when we did that it helped to secure the paper.

It's a great blast of color and pattern in her room!  Sorry for the lack of full length shots.  She's 12, those who know, KNOW this was the only neat section I could snap! 

I hacked a few other pieces in her room too.

This metal side table has been painted so many times, I honestly don't even 
remember the original color!

Couple cans of rattle can du jour - and BAM! Whole new table!

We purchased a glass and natural unfinished wood curio cabinet as she used to collect tea cups, and we needed desperately for something to display and corral them!  But it looked totally unfinished when we put it in her room.  
Because it was unfinished.  
I'm a smarty.

So the whole thing got a quick coat of white paint, and I freehanded a cherry blossom flowering branch all up and down the back.  Again, this is something that the colors and patterns you can do are just limitless.  Definitely look to the net for inspiration!

I did this one years ago when her room was themed around all things chinoiserie.  I thought I'd be redoing it this time around, but I think it works just as it is, so cherry blossoms it will be forever.
Or for a long while, ok?

There's also a Hemnes dresser in white.  We'd previously swapped out the knobs, which is the easiest way to change the look of a simple dresser.  But while checking out blogs I saw a dresser with chevrons painted on the drawers and totally loved it!
If you don't have a chevron template it does make it a bit trickier to get the lines even.  Unless you're all smarty with math.  There are several places online that offer free templates, but I thought I could just wing it.  I just wasn't happy with how it was turning out, so I went in another direction. 
As an aside, I downloaded one for the chevron painted rug that I did.  

Hey! That rug was also from Ikea!  The tutorial is on my Facebook page!
I'm really jumping all over today!  Just trying to force you to read the words!
 Back to the dresser...
I was using metallic duct tape, so I had the freedom to try a few patterns without commitment.
Duct tape has really stepped up their game, there are so many great colors available now.

I love the way it turned out, and it's holding up really well too!  Adds just enough shine and sparkle to that area of her room.  A friend later suggested I try an actual duct tape, in that it's used for wrapping ducts, available at Home Depot etc.

I love the shiny quality, and it doesn't have those ridges like regular duct tape.  
So you wouldn't immediately KNOW it was duct tape.
I like it.
My only concern will be if it can be removed as easily as crafty style duct tape.  
Will have to report back another time if I decide to switch them out.
My project list only seems to grow longer, not ever shorter!  Yours too?

And the last hackity hack hack!

I saw this in the latest issue of House Beautiful.

My snapshot of House Beautiful July/August 2012, Photo pictured by juliana sohn

I immediately thought to the 4 Orange Sanela velvet curtains I have in some closet somewhere!  
That deep orange would be fab in Lila's room!

So I used 3 of the panels I had, connecting them left to right to one another with heat n bond.  Ikea actually provides you with some of this to hem the curtains.  I love that stuff, although I think what I had on hand is called Stitch Witchery.  I have used most brands of this, and don't think I could say any one is better over another.  Anyhow, worked out great!  I still have to add some snaps on the opening side, but let's just add it to that ever growing project list, shall we?

I chose to leave a couple of the finished seams since it wasn't large enough to make it without any seams other than the sides.  Her duvet is queen sized, a twin would be much easier.  You'd only have to use 2 panels, not 3.  She loves it because it's so super soft.  (cotton and machine washable- yay!!)  And I am totally loving the color!  Looks total luxe, and didn't cost me anything additional!  I've had those curtains for years, and they were just taking up space prior to this.

So many new items coming into the shop this week!  I've been a polishing fool! 

Even though it can be tedious, I really get such pleasure from what's hiding underneath all that dirt and tarnish!  Sometimes, like yesterday, an item is actually silver plated instead of brass!  And the above bud vase I thought was going to have marks I couldn't remove, turned out just about spotless!

Or you discover an engraving you couldn't see at all- like this little gem!

Have to wonder a little if Ray and Pierrette are still together since 1-29-81?!

Those interested in Hollywood Regency style, are going to LOVE this pair of pearlescent glitter lamps I picked up last weekend!

GORGE!!!! Now I really try to research everything I list on Etsy, in order to provide as much insight to the original use or manufacturer and or date of said item.  
But once in a while I just can't find what I need.  

These fabulous little lamps are elusive little shits. 

Everything iridescent or pearlescent in the vintage art glass lamp world, look nothing like these!  
The finishes I find seem to be much smoother in appearance, not so glittery.  

Either way, they're spot on for the style, they're glam as hell and just gorgeous, and they'll be available by mid week!

Have a great week, go take a 2nd look at your Ikea goods, can you mix them up?  Tailor them more to your style?  Worth the little effort to customize them and make them all your own!

Thanks for reading!

sparkle & shine,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

use whatcha got to get whatcha want!

Sorry for the lapse in posts, been chaos 'round these parts!  
Switching the office, adding new items, life, you know...

So the office/workspace is going to take a little time until it's really "done" but I had to make some immediate changes to make it more usable.  Finding some of the pieces I have in mind, are clearly up to the universe, lest I want to pay big money, which I don't!

We swapped our kitchen table and dining room table.  I need a surface to work on in the office, but my dining room table is just too big!  Fits great in the kitchen though, thankfully!

The 'now' workspace table was a really neat find.  I found a cute little shabby chic - beach cottage shop local about a year ago.  (sadly, now closed)  She finds great old pieces and refinishes them.  Usually in pastels or neutrals.  I just fell in love with the baluster legs on this table.  It's walnut and likely from the 40's.  The finishes she used weren't really my style, but the pieces were fantastic, since finish is something you can change I didn't mind it.  (Although not at this price point kids... yikes!)

A real problem was that I wasn't happy with the quality of the finishes.  (we'd bought more than just this table from her, and we've had to redo every single one of them) When we'd wipe the table down, the top layer of latex paint would roll up and off!  Sooo not good!  I feel we really overpaid for these items.  But sometimes it's just part and parcel for getting unique or hard to come by items.  I am typically wary to spend a lot on these type of items as I feel I can find and redo it on my own.  
There is something to be said for all the work being done for you, and at the time, we needed a table so we took the plunge.  
Since there were issues, we stripped the table top, stained and poly'd the top only.  I have grown to like the 2 tone detail, but I'm thinking those legs are going to change once I get the office better arranged.  gold or silver leaf? glossy white?  a bright orange or pink?  the options just don't quit!  
this is why my house will never, ever be "done"!

As a sidenote, about 4 weeks ago, a table almost identical but in it's original state was up for grabs at a yard sale across the street for $45.  Dammit!  A kick in the you know better!

So you know I already had the metal-wrapped parson's desk from West Elm, LOVE.  I have a set of creamy velvet Martine chairs from Restoration Hardware, love using one as a desk chair.  I was super lucky enough to stumble upon a brass trunk ala end table.  Has 2 drawers and 4 wheels!  Copper nail detailing, I really think it's by Sarreid.  (omg look it up! awesome doesn't describe these babies) Which works fantastico to hold the printer, and hiding paperwork inside!  The copper nail details are also on the desk, although more subtle.  Seeing them side by side makes me feel all warm and happy!

Of course I didn't zsush it all up yet, or style it properly for posting, but I was anxious 
to show my progress.  
The giganto circular gold mirror was already in my dining room, and I felt it looked great above the desk so it can continue to live there for now.

HUGE Ikea cubbies are still here, but should be out by the end of the month.  And I still need to find another shelf for storage anyway.

I found this diamond in the rough on Craigslist...

It has the right shape of what I was looking for right?!  Faux bamboo? check!  Chinoiserie styling? check? Ample storage? checkity check!  And because it was evidently made to house a tv, the giant square opening in the center works perfectly for my larger pieces.  
But man oh man, that was some ugly in the finish, no?  Looks like someone took a rattle can of black and decided to "accent" it!  Umm, don't do that.  Ever.

So after a serious scrub down with Murphy's Oil Soap, a light sanding, and some Krylon White Primer we were in business!  

After sanding though, it became super porous!  I used 2 cans of primer and multiple cans of glossy white, and only stopped spraying because I ran out of paint! 

I love when things have 25% MORE free kind of crap, total sucker for that marketing tool! too bad they only had ONE can left with the bonus, the cashier was nice enough to tell me "some lady just left with all of them,"  Why? Why tell me that?!  ok, I'll stop here before I ramble on in another direction.

Wow! Seriously, what a difference a coat of white can do!!  Now I officially love it!  
Thankfully, I got this the first sunny day we had in a 
week, so picked it up in the morning and it was in the office by late afternoon!
There's 2 glass shelves, and 2 woven shelves.  The woven ones show a bit of wear, but first of all I never mind that sort of thing, and secondly, it's covered with all my Etsy goodies anyway.  win!

Most of the items currently for sale fit on this etagere, clearly I need another, but I knew that going into it.  So I'm still on the hunt for another.  They won't have to be exactly the same, so that will make the hunt a lot easier.  If the other(s) are faux bamboo as well, the glossy white will unify them.

I have a thing for these little dishes/coasters.  They're double stacked too. You should know as I look down onto the desk at this very moment, there are about 4 more on the desk than when I snapped this pic.  It's a problem.  But what a pretty problem, right?
Perhaps I will eventually break down and get a proper mousepad?  I doubt it.  The magazines are bigger and seem to work just as well.  We'll see.  Maybe I'll support a fellow Etsy shop and see what creative options are floating around there.  It really is a fantastic source for some lovely totally unique items.  (commercial not intended.)

I was going to do a post last week on making a lightbox, but I think there are enough tutorials on the net, and it's really not tricky at all.  Well worth the 30 min or less it takes!  
UNLESS you are making a giant one... and you live with a house full of engineer minds.  
Then it's going to take a while. 
I had made 2 with both a standard sized box, and a slightly taller one.  But they just weren't sufficient for lamps (which I seem to be gathering a lot of lately) and I found I was moving them around a lot and resetting the lights etc. it was just too messy of a process.  And it can't be.  I need it to be simple and swift.   I just need ONE that would work for everything.

Hence this 5 foot beast.

It's not pretty, and it literally took 2 entire days to finish.  For some reason, I just had too many stumbling blocks on the first day.  There is no greater feeling of defeat than spending an ENTIRE Sunday on a project that should have only taken a few hours, and knowing it's going to be your next day as well.  To be clear, it's not like I was revamping a beauty of a piece of furniture here.  This was just a tool, and kind of sucks all the fun out of it for me.    
But he's done, works great, and takes up entirely too much space in my office!
The quality of the photos are so drastically different, it really was worth all the cash and time for sure.

The hanging light fixture existing in here was brass, so I painted it to match the walls, just kind of blend it a bit.  I mean I love me some brass, but this just looked to builder generic for me.  It actually looks pretty good in here now being painted, even with all the shuffling.  But I'm thinking I really want something a bit more dramatic,  more chic and definitely more fun!  
I have a pretty capiz shell chandelier, but I think the scale is a bit small for this room, well that and I really love where it's living at the moment anyway.

I was looking around for some chic office inspiration and stumbled upon these.


I want to photoshop my face onto hers... but we've been there and know that's not gonna work!
Seriously, how gorge is all that brass, white and orange?! And the peeks of pink?  I want it!  And you KNOW I want that brass etagere!  I'm still on the hunt, it will be mine, you just wait and see!
This office is a little too streamlined and neat for me, as I'm more of an explosion messy-ish type of person, so I'll definitely have more schtuff floating around in mine, but I really love the styling, color, use of new and vintage!  It's just about perfection for me for sure.

And this one?  I love all the shiny sparkly details across her desk!  Not to mention 
the mirrored finish OF the desk!  Fresh flowers?  
Yes please...ALWAYS! it makes such an impact, for such a little bitty effort!

Yes, I would absolutely buy white pencils with gold detailing.  I clearly have lost my loyalty to my longstanding love for black ticonderogas... how quickly we turn!

And I'd just like to say it's been officially one month of my Etsy debut!  
This first month totally surpassed my expectations!  It's been a fabulous beginning, 
and I'm excited to continue!

Pop over, as I've got about 60 items now!  I've begun adding new items to the shop every other day or so, to keep it fresh! Plenty of shine and sparkle for you to peruse!

Thanks for sticking it out, this one was a long one!

Enjoy your 4th! with your ice cold beers, sunshine, barbeques, sparklers and 
be sure to take in some glorious fireworks!

Sparkle & Shine,