Wednesday, July 18, 2012

vintage wares... or how about vintage wears!

Watch out, lots of exclamation points here today friends!

As "into" vintage as I am, I think it's more about classics, timeless pieces moreso than something being of any particular era.  And I've noticed since I've been shopping more frequently for the shop that I've purchased more wearables than ever!

I'm not talking about a head to toe look here, I know there are many who carry it off and look amazing. But that's not my thing, and it's not what I'm talking about here.

I just thought I'd share a few of my latest finds that are indeed vintage buy definitely crossing over into current wearability.  What's old is new again so they say...

Awesome brass oversized bangle!  Loving that hammered detailing.
Layer your bangles; wide, thin, mix the metals up!
I've always been a bracelet girl, and so happy really anything goes right now!

50s BAM!  This would be so perfect as a statement accessory!
psst...there's clip-on earrings to match! 
Who doesn't love aqua and pink together?

I love all things beach, and this mother of pearl and silver cuff is just enough.
I love iridescence this has in person.

This brass woven cuff is so awesome it almost didn't make it to the shop!

How does a cuff go out of style? Um, it doesn't.  Okay, I'll grant you the aqua beads could possibly read a bit 50s-ish, but only if they know about that style.  Otherwise you're just going to get compliments on it!

And how about some bags?

Awesome 80s fabulousness!  Please let me just tell you that not all vintage is used, smelly and scuffed up.  Sure, some of it is, hell, a lot of it can be for sure!  
This clamshell purse doesn't even look like she used it once!
I personally guarantee someone will ask you where you got this!

Okay, so I cannot actually guarantee that will happen, but you know it will most likely will.

Elegant velvet and rhinestone antique evening bag?  The interior has the softest silk lining!
It's more antique than vintage, but it's delicate and perfect for evening wear!

This vintage lucite box purse is so very cool.
It's got 2 stacked, separate compartments, I love the boxiness of it!
Sometimes the colors can be a little off in older pieces, 
at least as far as mixing with current trends.  
But this one is a beautiful ivory and about as neutral as you could get!

This fringe bag is my current bag du jour, and was in perfect condition!  Until I started to use it every single day! And not to mention I saw similar ones all over the mall the last time I was there!

Macrame bag, in beautiful condition, and the real deal!
This one didn't make the shop either!
I promise I'll send it s. - soon!

This straw clutch is classic in shape, and is perfection for summer.
And Target currently has one exactly like this but with sequins all over it.

Which I'm not a fan of at all.
The sequins on the straw, not the sequins.
I love me some sequins.

And how about his amazing crossover bag?
80s IS vintage now people!

2 things: every single time I look at that bag some song from the Beastie Boy's pops in my head.  And sorry fellas, this is about as masculine as today's post is going to get.

Although, we did buy my husband a beautiful set of Tiffany collar stays for Father's Day, and I bet you can find some vintage ones pretty easily.
And when you accidently leave them in and iron them, they won't melt like the free cheapie ones that come with the shirts!

There's always been parallels in fashion and home decor.  I just like that you can have something really well made, and likely pretty damn unique if you're open to the vintage game.

I personally like having something that isn't seen on every other girl in the place.  That said, I think I always just buy what I love whether it's for the shop or for myself and friends.

Whether it's wares or wears if you love it, it will work.

How about some "decor" since this isn't a fashion blog?

If you'd like a place to store all your pretty vintage bangles...

Perfect, right?

I tried to find the actual proper name for that 3 tiered silver plated tray, but evidently no one selling them on the internet knows either.  

Well at least we're not missing out on anything!

Whoa! Almost forgot! I've now got over 100 items in the shop and I'm trying to add more each day.
But I think for now I'll try to hover around that number.  
Just not sure if more is actually better in this case?

Unless you all head over and purchase something right now!
Could be fun, like watching me walk up a down escalator!

sparkle & shine

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