Wednesday, September 5, 2012

There's a reason we pay professionals...

I am a HUGE fan of Emily Henderson.  
Love her quirky personality, those high waisted jeans 
and of course - her amazing eye and design talent!  

I often go to her designs for inspiration, and I love her thrifty nature as she finds
THE MOST AMAZING decor while flea marketing etc.

While looking at a recent post on her blog, I saw these beauties...

Super awesome mini twins of the full sized one I had in the shop when I first opened!
(also my FIRST sale, was a good one to start the process)

Believe me, I've been looking and looking, but haven't come across 
another one since!  You'll be the first to know if I do!

This is one item I almost wish I had kept.  I come across so many awesome
items, but unless I want to qualify for Hoarders, I need to keep my collections and rotations in check.

How about you?  Do you find it hard to rotate your decor? 
Give it back to the universe for the next person to love as much as you first did?
Give yourself a fresh change, or do you strive to get it "just right" and hold tight?

EH also finds a lot of upholstered items, and gives them new life by having them professionally redone.
Again with the hefty price tag!!!  But, so worth it overall I'm sure.

I love cane backed chairs, I found a couple random 
vintage cane backed chairs and thought for sure I could put them to good use 
once they were free of their current state of drab-datedness.  
(yes, it is a word)

That last one had so many layers and about 8,962 staples.

They each received a strip down, scrub down, and fresh coat of glossy white!
Okay, like 5 coats of glossy white.

I also figured that since I was only recovering the seat, and there are tutorials aplenty on the net,
it would be a no brainer, right?

They do look so fresh and pretty.  I am still rethinking the white, 
as that mix seems to lend itself pretty quickly to the shabby chic realm.  
Which I'm not knocking, I kind of like it, 
but it's just not my direction at the moment.
These would be so hot if I had chosen a rich orange or or even canary yellow!

You may have also noticed, the one chairs seems to be a bit disheveled.  Well, the one on the left was one of those pop the seat out and recover it types.  The bugger on the right was more of an actual upholstery type project.  And I am struggling with attaching the fabric along the back, as there really is not much room for a human hand.  Yes, I've got some tools, and yes they do assist, but a 3rd and 4th hand is really required - at least at this stage.  Ahhh, that's why you pay more and have things professionally done!

I also played it safe cowardly by choosing a nice simple linen.  Versatility friends!

Oh, and I'm currently selling them on craigslist.  
Indeed, after all that work, money and time invested. (more time than anything else)
Indeed, with one not finished.

Perhaps if they don't get picked up I'll finish and put them in the Shop.  I just worry about the cost of shipping on this size item.  Shipping is the reason there won't often be furniture, or large items in the shop.  Of course, if it's super amazing, like a brass trunk, you'll find it there.

I've been trying to stay true to quality and beauty while stocking up 
the Shop for the holidays.
Hard to say how I'll do, since this will be my first season on Etsy.
I am acquiring a lot more "smalls" in hopes of gift giving, 
pollyanna's and Secret Santas!

In the meantime, my pretty new office is getting a bit cramped.  Like those jeans that fit you perfectly last year, but this year, although they still look "good" - you're not hiding that muffin top from anyone!

Our oldest son recently left the nest, and I've intentions of turning his room
 into a guest room.  But don't think the thought of using it as storage for the shop isn't nagging at me.

I'm excited of revamping his old room.  As a guest bedroom, I feel there is so much more leeway to go a little over the top.  Definitely going try something fun with the direction.  
Please, it's not like I'm not going to change it up in there 10 times anyway!

We stumbled upon a lamp this past weekend that made me giddy.
I so wish it was a pair, but it's just that good that it can and will work with just the one.

Now this, like the brass trunk, is a struggle, because selfishly
 I want to keep it all to myself!

And not to mention, I'm a couple hours into polishing, and no where near done yet!

Sneak peak?

I've got so many new and awesome finds to add to the Shop, so many colors and styles and eras - I'm really excited!  And although my heart belongs to brass at the moment, we all know copper is next!
Plenty of that super pretty hue heading to the shop as well!

Over the past weekend I made my 100th sale in the shop!
Was made sweeter by the item that was lucky 100...

I was absolutely head over heels for this little guy!
I almost kept him, so I'm happy he was the 100th item!
Still makes me smile, and I'm so not a cutie-warmandfuzzy-cutsie decor kind of girl!
It sure doesn't hurt that he is my favorite shade of aqua blue either.

What's so great about what I'm doing, is that you know you will
find something similar in some way, that will make you just as happy
and it's right around the corner!

As always, thanks for reading!

sparkle & shine,

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