Tuesday, September 11, 2012

peacock chair...love it or leave it?

You know it, and chances are you really do LOVE it or you honest to goodness HATE it.

Now even being a product of the 70s, I really just didn't get the style, or quite frankly - like it all that much! But if you take a peek at my recent jewelry offerings you'll immediately spot the boho chic connection.  It's creeping in, slowly but surely.  
And hands down winning me over!

I distinctly remember crying my eyes out at the incredulous suggestion from my mother to wear those damn bell bottomed jeans.  I liked Disco, and Jordache 2 toned jeans, circulation stopping Sergio Valente pin stripes and bracelets up my entire arm.
(Still do on a couple of those actually)

But when you have an interest in trends, even just to a degree, you can't help but be bombarded with what's new, now and next.  Not unlike that annoying song on the radio that you surprisingly know every word, and sing along to, they are going to get in your head.

So am I saying the peacock/fan chair is a new trend?  Well, sort of??!
I mean, clearly she trended a few decades ago, and yet here she is again.
Classic?  I don't know, but I do know that you all
 conjured up the same chair in your mind when you saw the heading right?  

Well I bought one last week.  
For the shop, and I figured if shipping was too exorbitant or too much of a pia, I'd just put it in the princess' room.

Wanted to play around with styling it a bit this morning, took a few shots with a couple different accessories.  But I'm just not set up for that type of photography... you'll see.

So afterward, I sat down and flipped through Octobers House Beautiful that arrived yesterday, and lo and behold...

Photo of photo by James Merrell in Oct12 House Beautiful

I actually like that this giant chair really isn't the star here.

Not what I did for my shots, oh, she's the superstar in mine...

Because it certainly isn't my styling today!
No forcing creativity. 
That's a fact Jack.

I actually don't mind this last one so much.

Now of course, if I were going to keep this, it wouldn't look like any of the above! (mostly because the items I styled it with are in the shop!) I'd either buy a rosette type round pillow, or perhaps attempt to make one- ha, and I'd be sure to find some gorgeous Ikat patterned rug, cable knit pouf, and maybe even a sheepskin throw.  Definitely make it super luxe and comfortable.
And declare it "MY SPOT"!
(we actually do that ala Sheldon Cooper already- i can have 2 "spots"dammit)

I'd make sure I don't date the details surrounding it too much, plenty of shine,modern and vibrant color to share the space too.
Oh, and a swag or pendant light would be perfect hovering just off to the side.
And she wouldn't be in a corner.
(And certainly would not remain in THAT room --- noisiest room in the house ---kids tv/game console room)

Not to mention, there would be a strong desire to paint it.  
Again with the love/hate, I'm sure.

It does currently have an extremely dated rose pink pillow, no make that MAUVE pillow, simply because "Rose Pink" sounds pretty, "Mauve" does not.
Definitely an easy fix.

Positively though, I can instantly think of 4 places I could put her, and she'd shine without stealing all the attention.

So what say you?
Love it?
Hate it?

She'll be in the shop within a couple weeks, once I square away shipping details.

Sparkle & Shine,

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