Monday, October 29, 2012

141 pieces of golden glam!

So of course I love vintage decor for my own home.  Sometimes the piece or pieces are just too awesome to share!
(like the 6 ft brass lamps)
(or the George Nelson Bubble sconce)
(and some gorgeous sterling silver)
even though I absolutely am "sharing" all 3 of those listed!

Behold all 141 pieces of vintage glam golden goodness...

First of all it is stunning!  The style is sleek and modern while being easily 50 years old.
The best part?
It's a COMPLETE service for 12!

I tested it out this morning, as I was afraid it was plated.  The flatware itself has no markings, but the box does, but only by way of manufacturer and importer.
And it's actually solid!  My question now is solid what?!  I did a little preliminary digging and it is likely nickel bronze, but it looks like brass or gold.  
And a nice white brass - total glam and total luxe!

So I grabbed a few of my plates, and damn if it doesn't go perfectly with every single one?!

This is the vintage Wedgwood Palatia pattern, currently for sale in the shop.
I actually think this may be the very best look of them all.
But then I'd be keeping 2 items that were intended for the shop!
That can't be a good trend for me!

These are from Matt's maternal grandmother, aren't they so feminine?  Bavaria Tirschenreuth (gesundheit!) from Germany.  We don't use this set frequently.

Ahh, the  "Turkey Plates"!  They come out every Thanksgiving, and only Thanksgiving! But many great friends have sat down with these and they've now become tradition, and all the memories that come along with that.  This pattern is Wild Turkey, Windsorware from Johnson Bros, England.  
Funny we see a lot of these at flea markets, but they're not Johnson Bros, and the colors are way off.
I only have dinner plates and one giant platter, would love to add to my service, but again, we only seem to find that wonky knock off.

And they look totally modern and current with our every day plates from Cost Plus/World Market!

It's an incredibly versatile set, and I'm still on the fence.  Of course more research is required,  as I need to find out what metal they actually are.  I know they were made in Thailand but that's about all I know for certain thus far.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and I absolutely love hosting a dinner party.  A lot of the fun is the planning and table decorating for me!  These would certainly get some action this season if I chose to keep them!

Do you mix in your family's heirloom or hand me down pieces with your current wares?  Or do you keep it strictly all new or all vintage?  

I've got a lot of family and friends on the East Coast that are directly inline with the path of Sandy, I'll be thinking of all of you and I hope you are prepared and safe!

sparkle & shine,

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