Sunday, October 21, 2012

63 inches!!

I am really lucky in that I come across some truly fantastic items while buying for the shop.

I saw this in a dark corner and about knocked someone over rushing to get to it!

I didn't even care what she was asking for it.

Then she says very quietly, " you know I have another one? "

a PAIR?!?!

Behold 63 inches of vintage brass yumminess!

That is over 6 FEET tall!!!

sigh.  I love them.

She was the original owner, bought them back in the 60s.  She was more distressed over losing the lampshades as she had them made with silk she bought in Thailand.

The lampshades were a bit... intense? so I offered to leave them with her, but she wasn't having it.

Can I just say that since I don't sell the lampshades with the lamps in my shop it looks like "lampshades r us" around here!
I'm guessing they'll be donated soon, because they take up so much badly needed space!

 Seriously, might just be my favorite part of these lamps!  Both the harp and finial are just so unique!

So the dirt, dust, cobwebs and tarnish have been polished and cleaned away on one so far.
I'm about to begin on number 2.
I think I'm going to rewire these as well, as I have to disassemble to polish them anyway.

I know I'd feel a lot better if the wiring was new.

Now I know there is a split down the middle for polish or patina.
I do actually leave some items unpolished, just not many!

I think polishing these was for sure the right decision, as that lamp is just GORGEOUS!

They're very heavy and super sturdy, but they each have 6 brass sections that are threaded, so they dismantle easily which will make them treĊ› easy to ship!

Unless I keep them.

Cause I might!

The weather has finally decided to catch up with the fact it's actually Fall and it's perfectly cool and sunny out.  Perfect for working on these lamps in the garage.  I've been sitting on them for well over a month, but just too hot and muggy for this girl.

Hope you're able to throw open the windows, get some fresh air and enjoy this awesome autumn weekend!

Off to the garage and to work on the other one!

sparkle & shine,


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