Monday, October 8, 2012

Arc Lamp!

Iconic.  Shiny. Gold.  What more could you ask for?

How about it can ship via regular carrier service?

BAM! Done!

So Matt and I, okay, MATT, disassembled it so we could offer to ship this via FedEx,USPS etc!

I've seen very few of these on Etsy, but of those few, most either want you to pick it up or arrange your own freight.

I understand it, but as a shopper, that doesn't work for me!

I'm going to permit people to coordinate their own delivery, if that's their choice, but I need to offer delivery.  I'd be so disappointed to find something I loved only to have it untouchable.

No question that someone with at least a basic understanding of electrical components is going to be required to put her back together, but I still think it's a much better option than a road trip to Florida!

Actually, a road trip to Florida doesn't sound really bad at all!  

The Arco lamp was designed in the early 60s by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.
Mine is an 80s reproduction, but it's still pretty damn sweet!

Holy smokes - gorgeous blog was awesome enough to mention my George Nelson Bubble Lamp in her blog!  Talk about traffic! 
 I've gotten so many views from her blog.  
But what's awesome really is just how gorgeous her blog is!  Go now look - you'll see!

Here's my lamo photo of an AMAZING sconce!
Just the fact that lantern has survived all these years is pretty awesome in itself!

I hope it sells fast, because I do have a horrific habit of destroying, albeit accidental, vintage items that survived years and years before their 24 hours with moi.

More information on George Nelson here!

My lightbox is actually pretty large at approximately 5ft x 5 ft, but it's all soft sided.  I really wanted to show this baby hanging, so how's that 2 by 4 looking?    

So big changes since my last post, I totally outgrew our dining room / office!  
Thankfully we were able to do some shuffling, and I've got a (little) bigger of a room.  The best part is the DOORS!  It's so nice to be able to just close those doors!  And it does keep the entrance to the house looking like we're about to audition for Hoarders.

or should be.

I feel like I spend quite a bit of time looking for shelves on craigslist anymore...

Thanks for getting this far!  Keep your eyes out, that sexy gold arc lamp will be up by the end of this week!

sparkle & shine-

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