Thursday, October 11, 2012

mini obsession

What is it about things in miniature versions?!

Maybe it's because I have small fingers? ha.

So I love old silver champagne chillers.  So when I started to find them  
 in super tiny size, you know I was all over it.

I had 2, one with a barely surviving succulent in it, and the other holding my makeup brushes on my vanity.  Lordy, I paid enough for those brushes, they should be displayed in a silver champagne bucket!

Turns out the one holding the succulent was actually sterling.  So of course I immediately dumped the plant and started scrubbing!

Kidding - okay not really but I did transplant the little guy.

I just got the one on the far left last week.  The base is solid, and is totally heavy.  So we cleaned it up nice, and we're thinking it isn't plated.  
One way for us to tell for sure is to put it to the buffer.

I only know this because I've ruined a few pieces of silver-plate by thinking I could just buff the tarnish away.

Yeah, or buff all the silver plating away.

So I figured I'd just try it on the base.

omg- no disappearing silver plate!  Actually it's gorgeous now with the super buffy shine it's rocking!
And I love that twisted dot detail, I'm betting it's from Mexico.
It's awesome when you find something you love only to have it get better as you go along!

Found Mr. Cutie-Doorknocker today. I love that it has a liner... so it's perfect for chilling those airplane bottles in style! 

4 makes a collection.  I've decided.  So now I'll be on the hunt for these until I can't find uses for them.
(psst that will never happen)

"I believe in Science" Stephen, Nacho Libre

So I acquired a box of old mini beakers and the like.  I at least didn't get the glass pipettes, although I wanted to.

They too make perfect little vessels for plants, flowers, make up brushes, thumbtacks, random buttons, lip glosses... you get the idea here.

don't judge my dirty window, it's much higher off the ground from the outside I'll have you know.  Oh, and transplant guy is the string of pearls to the left. 

MINI BABY Beaker!!!  
Can you stand it?!

Do you have something that you just can't stop acquiring?
Mini's? friends? tattoos? ball jars? 
Please share so I know I'm not alone!

Intending to post the beakers once I figure out groupings to list them.
Odd numbers are good, right?
I do feel like no matter how I group them, it's going to be a lot of convos about switching them up! ;)

Arc lamp update - so I know I said it would be listed by the end of the week, but since it's dismantled, I need to write instructions for the person who will be assembling it.  Problem is this isn't really my forté - it's my engineer husbands gig- though he just left for a fishing trip to Minnesota.
(do you say that with their accent too when reading it?)

I was good, I documented the process with photos and a sketchy drawing, but I really  want to be sure whoever gets it doesn't have any trouble with it at all.

So I'm pushing for end of next week - seriously.

Off to polish and post!  

sparkle & shine,


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