Tuesday, December 4, 2012

decorating ho ho Hum?

It really seems the older the kidlets get, the less interested I am each year with decorating all out for the Holidays.

Last year, I think we got our tree the day before Christmas?  
For shame!

It's not that I don't love the way it looks, and the feeling it gives, because I really do!  I just don't think they really care one way or the other anymore.

Or so I thought.

"Can we PUHLEESE get our tree earlier this year?"
If that doesn't make you snap out of it, nothing will!

Just lugged down 8 giganto rubbermaid bins, 1 extra large box, and one king size pillowcase full of Christmas Cheer from the attic!
(the pillowcase actually works really well for storing garland - the pine type)

Christmas decorations I collect:
Nutcrackers: because Chase used to love them as a kid, it's the only reason.  So now that I have one for each family member I think I'm good on these.  You can usually find one that is themed to suit your particular family's interests.

Tree toppers:  reproductions so they can stand easily.  And because someone is going to bump into the coffee table and break them, newer stings a little less.  I store them inside our super fluffy stockings inside the bins, has worked for 3 seasons thus far!

Vintage Ornaments:  because they're just better than new plastic ones.  And as fragile as these are, you have to nod in respect to someone who managed to not only keep them intact, but with their original box for so many years!   
I just bought a box of 4 little mercury glass Church shaped ornaments.  The box was in near mint condition, as were the ornaments.
Until I dropped them on the step on the way into the house.  Broke 3 of the 4.
This woman keeps them unharmed for over 60 years - I have them 1/2 hour and POOF!?

Moravian Stars:  who am I kidding, these are not limited to the holidays for me.
Actually, there is much in the land of Holiday Decor offerings that can be used year round!

These mirrored stars I got at Cost Plus World Market a few years ago.  They were holiday decor, but I didn't think anyone would really know, they've been up since!

Ceramic Christmas trees!  The ones you likely made in ceramics as a kid?
I'm up to 4 in various sizes, Matt doesn't seem to think we need anymore, but I bet you HE spots the next one first!
And they're spaced out nicely.  2 flank my fireplace, one huge one on my dining room table, and one in the window on our staircase landing.  Hardly overkill.

Anyhow, they're going for up to like 2 bills online these days, so keep an eye out at yard sales!
But without a doubt, when you ask the price, I guarantee you the person will say:

"Ohhhh, that belonged to my (insert family member here) and I just LOVE it, I don't even know why I'm selling it"
Swear! This happened to us TWICE!

We had those plastic fake candle lights in our windows growing up, and I loved how it made our bedroom glow!  I am on the hunt!
I've only got 3 and the color of the lights don't match, so they may not make it up this year.  Unless I find a few more sets in the next 2 weeks!

We usually do a Lego Advent calendar, last year Target put them on clearance and I set a reminder in my phone to remind me!  Look whose pretending to be all organized! 

Lighted garland will be hung on the tops of the kitchen cabinets, and beside the occasional Santa or Snowman the kids have made that'll be it.

Of course it's a great excuse to ramp up your candle usage, as sparkle is just added bonus!  With my flowers I'll try to stick with reds and whites, it's probably the only time I even buy red flowers!

I think you have to remove some of your everyday decor to allow for your Holiday items to stand out and take center stage.  Also, this allows you to switch things up when you bring your regulars back out.  I also find that the house always looks so barren once the tree is down and all the fun knick-knacks are packed up again.

Hope you're putting your own Holiday touches around.  I know we all get busy, and NO ONE likes to go in the creepy attic to get them all down - TRUST.

I'm happy I'm getting back into it, all the lights look so pretty at night, and it's a calmer, constant reminder of the holidays.

Next on the agenda- the Christmas trees!!!
Yes, plural.
As in 2!
I can explain...

Merry Holiday Decorating, Shopping, Planning and Visiting!

sparkle & shine,

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