Friday, January 11, 2013


 The holidays were a total blur this year.  All in a good way, of course, but man it can just be TOO MUCH!

Happy to start a new year with a fresh perspective.
Which really is just code for I'm cleaning house and redecorating again!
Since opening the shop, I really have neglected the house - kinda seems backward given what I'm selling though, right?

Went to the mall last week and it's like Sherbet city!
And for the record, I don't care what the proper pronunciation of Sherbet actually is, we ALL call it sherbeRt!!!
Chartreuse, creamsicle oranges, bright corals and fuchsias (or is it magenta? what the hell is that called now anyway?)  But it's all so gorgeous!  Super duper fresh, and I really think that's what's kicked off my urge to purge.  That and the fact we're going to be moving over the next few months, so no better time to revamp and revise.

On one of my daily blog reads,,  I saw she painted an old secretary rich red, and placed it in her foyer.

I don't know, something just clicked for me, I totally love it!

And now I have to do something similar.

I have a console table we got years ago, while living in Arizona.  It's total Southwestern-come-Mexico, and has been the entry table in every home since!

simple, unassuming and yes boring. (seriously though, that drawer holds a surprisingly large amount of stuff)

Yep, that's a mirror we brought back from Mexico.
No judging the chair in the background that I still haven't finished either!

And another souvenir from Mexico, the small tiled table, underneath the goat skin henna sconces.
That tiny table is the devil, it's so heavy and once shattered my big toe, but that's another tale for another time kittens.

Hmm, it is like a little southwestern detour - I don't really think I thought of it that way before.  But it is truly the same set up in every house.  So sad.
And really so sad, because now it's making me nuts because it suddenly doesn't blend with the rest of the house!  Yeah right, suddenly. 

So naturally, I'm going to paint the table and change out the hardware.  It will still have that blocky styling, but I suppose it can't hurt, right?
Something super glossy and richly hued...deep navy blue, follow the trends with a bright emerald green?  This could take a while.  Especially since I'll likely hunt for a replacement table, and ultimately just settle on painting this one.  But it's a process, you dig?

I've been shopping for the shop like a mad woman, but taking my time to get them loaded up there.
Could be because I've fallen in love with so many of the pieces I've picked up!

Found this little gem...

It did have a patina on it, but it also had those splotchy areas that I can't stand.
So polished it be.
Shiny and glam, filled it with water, and the damn thing leaked like a sieve.

So I was going to put it in the shop, but I have to get some silicone to seal the bottom before I do.

In the meantime, a Starbucks Trenta cup is the perfect size!

Ta da! 
Although I still have to seal it, don't think that Starbuck cup description would be a good selling point in the listing.

OOOH! Do you see it?
No not my flip flops and various mess, I'm so lazy!

The fanFREAKINtastic Koch + Lowy brassalicious floor lamp?!

Absolute total score, would be fab for the shop!

But I luurve it!  

Seriously...LOOK AT IT!!!!!

Le Sigh.  I know, I know.  I'll list it soon enough. 
But I have to verify the wirings safety, right?  So I'll just keep it for a little longer, just to make sure it's in great working order.  wink-wink 

This baby was hard to post too, but I knew if I hesitated even the slightest bit, it'd never make it!


Hope your new year is starting off in the direction you want!
(color suggestions for that table are welcome too!)

Stop by and see what's new and brassalicious in the shop!