Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just checking in!

So I've been (going crazy) busy doing a lot of this

While still trying to work on things like this

Which are truly almost done.  Finally!
They were sooo bad when I found them!

I really wasn't sure how they'd clean up, but happy to report they're perfect!
So rewiring tonight, hopefully, and in the shop in a day or two!

Whenever we make a move, especially if the house is significantly different, I seem to want to redesign the entire house.  Suddenly it's every room's time for a fresh kick.  
It's a sickness.  But I know I'm not alone in this!
I really despise moving.  Well, mostly the packing!  It just doesn't seem like it's ever going to end, and I can't help but feel like a hoarder!
Urge to purge is an understatement.

So I've been Craigslisting like a fiend, but man, it's rarely an easy transaction on that thing!
You know exactly what I'm talking about here!
Why is that anyway? 
It should be the easiest place for a transaction on the planet!
And I always prefer text or email, I don't even talk to my own friends on the phone, I'm not going to with strangers who ultimately won't even buy what it is we discussed in 4 phone calls over 3 days!
But the spam has been fun, and the cost for not listing your phone number.  Those scammers are STILL trying that sad and pathetic and predictable, "I'll arrange shipping if you cash my money order that's thousands over your asking price".  It's so nice they trust you with that large check, right?
I always reply and scold them viciously.

But in total fairness, most of the sales have been relatively swift and painless, and I'm thankful.
Yay for less things to pack and move!

It often surprises me what goes quick and what doesn't. 

I had purchased a HUGE brass chandelier a couple years ago for over the dining room table with the intent of painting it a super rich and super bright color!

Well of course gray won out...although it really turned out fantastic.

(and of course I ran out of replacement bulbs in that size and my laziness has cost me a lot of replies like, Yes they do all work, I just didn't replace the bulbs.  Well no, they're not "uncommon" bulbs, but not standard bulbs...You'd think I know better)

Anyhow, I just used Krylon, several cans.  I hung it on a bar that stretched across the inside of an opened ladder so I could reach all the way around.

Love how easy it was, for the impact.  These basic brass chandi's are always on CL and at yard sales, and the smaller ones are usually super cheap!

I love this baby, but the house we're moving into was built in the 1930s and already has TO DIE FOR lighting!  It's a fab house with really amazing details.   I'll be sure to post some of the fantastic details along with Redesign 2013 progress.

These are just a few sneak peaks, this is going to be the new office, between the fabric draped ceiling, to the surrounding windows, to the solid brass handle for the transom window -I'm sure to be inspired in there!

Each bedroom has a full bath and they're all so different from each other!  This sink looks like it's got a stiletto heel - love it! This one is going to be my daughters, and I guess I'll have to let her have the painting we picked up a month or so ago.

We all fell in love with her, and it would seem she'd look perfect in Lila's new room!

It's from the 1960s, and is just so lovely!

I finally caved and just painted the original hardware for her desk, because my original idea of using those friendship bracelets for handles, although awesome, just wasn't coming to fruition.
And quite frankly, she was tiring of using a pencil to open the drawers!

 You just can't beat spray paint!  Seriously, a quick smooth glossy finish is always alright by me.
And when I change my mind down the road, as is a definite, it's super easy to just switch it up!

I saw a tip online,  here on boiling old hardware with a couple drops of Dawn dish detergent, and it totally worked!  The paint literally just boiled off!  I bought a 2nd hand pot from a garage sale to use, and just did it on the stovetop.  I let the water just begin to boil, then turned it down so it was no longer boiling, but still keeping it hot.  Just let it sit like that while I was cleaning, probably for several hours.  Just remember -don't return whatever vessel you do this in back into food prep rotation!

Thanks for checking in - have a great week!


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