Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm like a child.

So you know when you have a million things you SHOULD be doing...

like unpacking 200 boxes,

or taking pretty staged photos of very cool merchandise for your shop,

super awesome 60's paint by number with colors that are so vivid in person

or staging that giganto wall unit that finally gives you place to display your hoarding tendencies,

you blow them all off because you MUST immediately deal with this:

You feel me, right?
(childlike behavior reference numéro uno)

So it's in my office, which is open to the rest of the house, and my office already presents visual challenges with the sheer amount of items, and it is literally a 30 second fix.

Well, 30 seconds because I am going to say to Matt, could you swap out that light for this one?

BOOM! Done.  I don't even have to help!  Nevermind it's likely because I have a wicked sense of humor and will stand directly next to the light switch whilst he works. 

(childlike behavior reference 2)

Lavender is making resurgence.  Like Mint, which may have been a little more last year, but for some of us it's very now after we've caught up.

I'm not really a pastelly girl, but I'll admit I've taken the bait.

I checked into that Montana Gold spray paint all the cool blogs are using, but honestly, the reviews online aren't so hot, primary critique being you have to shake it FOREVER, and I just don't have the patience for that sort of thing. 
(childlike behavior reference trois)

So tossing out some really amazing color options for a limited, although increasing, color choices of Krylon available at my local walmart.

I like to punish myself by going to Krylon's website first to see what they actually offer, deciding on something only to discover my local store doesn't carry it.

I really liked the hyacinth, not because it's one of my most fave flowers, but it's lavender with a decent amount of gray.

Btw, this is the photo that I saw that started this mess.

But as expected, THIS was what they had on the shelves.

"gumdrop" it is!

I haven't been able to find a home, (someone else's) for that giant 16 light brass chandelier I painted gray, so even though the scale is very large for the space and ceiling height, I'm going to go for it.

At least it will make me happier than the one that's there until I find one I love.

Bought these yesterday, coincidence or sign I'm on the right path?

Maybe it's not even my procrastination's fault, maybe it's just Spring?

Just tell me yes, because it's what I want to hear.
(childlike behavior reference final 4)

Happy spring weather- go paint something pastel!

xoxo, Amy

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Moving TWICE in a month...jelly?!

pbbffft.  not only are you NOT jelly, you're totally laughing AT me.

I mean, that would be my knee jerk reaction should you have shared the same sentence with me.
Moving sucks.  Every single detail of it.
So when you do it TWICE?


1st of the month directly followed by 31st of the SAME month well...

You are either batshit crazy, own stock in U-Haul, or something so insanely beyond your control turned your entire family's life upside down and you needed to get the frickity frack out PRONTO!

I'll let you pick your favorite reason.

That said, my little shop has suffered and been terribly neglected in the past month and a half.  I attempted to add some new items a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't my best effort, and that's just sad.
I so love my Etsy shop and it's been the best thing that's happened over the past year!
But life likes to shuffle once in a while, whether we like it or not.

So I've been renewing my items, but only a handful have actually been new to the shop.
You can easily tell those by the brick background.
Which I LIKED, sans the color, at first.  But now I'm all bitterpants.  I am considering something similar for my photos moving forward and to push all that negativity out and away.

Added to the list.

You know THE LIST.
The list that never seems to get smaller and it's filled with all those things that hit your radar and you need to either do, eat, incorporate, attempt, buy?

Ever shifting top 10 on my list.
Which now is dominated by the moving boxes and miscellany piled up around me.

(said like a 10 yr old brat)

The wicker peacock chair has found a new home.  We did have a few items break in one of the 2 moves, and I'm trying not to dwell.

Dropped a wad in Ikea.
it's so incredibly impossible NOT to do.
But when you need some temporary fixes and you need them NOW, it just can't be beat.
We all look at the site or our catalogs ahead of time, I mean you're going there for necessities so you'll work off a list!
Insane sticker shock at checkout 
every freaking time.

I did manage to score this super awesome rug at Ikea for literally half off of already cheap!

The sticker said display, but I'm telling you - I could NOT find one mark!

That kind of makes up for all the many, many rolls of drawer liner I bought.

Not at Ikea, I stumbled upon this beauty which may or may not head into the shop.

It's dusty but in great shape, no damage and has the perfect amount of gold. 
I wanted to keep it for my foyer, but it's just a smidge too small for that entryway.
I've got to at least try it in a few more areas before I let her go.

Can I just say,
Terrariums are just everywhere.
Succulents are just everywhere.

Terrariums WITH succulents.
So easy, and yet so difficult to kill.

So naturally, I'm now stockpiling glass domes and cloches.

And all you have to do really, is just buy one succulent you like and when you knock a piece off you just plop it in some soil in another or a bud vase with water and let 'er root and start over!
(this takes a very long time, so if patience ain't your game, just buy many and buy small)

I am obsessed with the string of pearls.
Google - so worth it!

Between all the glass I'm hoarding and so many tarnished metal champagne coupes and goblets I've stashed -  I'm super set!  Coupes in both brass and silver-plate - they'll be so great all mixed together!

I've got some much needed fun heading my way this week, and I'm so thankful for it!
I need to recharge and refocus and get my head back where it belongs.

Give yourself some needed love, fun and refocus.

xoxo, Amy