Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary to me!!!!

Break out the bubbly!

Monday will officially be my 1 year Etsy Anniversary!
whoot whoot!

I'm wanting to do something to include others in my happiness, so I'm thinking of doing a giveaway!
whoot whoot again!

I've never done one before, and I know other blogs do it all the time, although they probably plan a little further in advance than this!

Also I have to figure out the mechanics of doing so, and the fine print aspects of offering one.

Really hoping to open it up by Monday! 

I've got 3 items in mind.  Sometimes I come across an item more than once, and each of these 3 items have been popular in the shop.

I'm so excited!!!!  But I'm waiting to post them so there's no confusion as to which post to comment on to enter!

Starting this journey on Etsy has been the MOST amazing job I've ever had!

Trust, I've tried a lot of different jobs:
waitress, receptionist, telemarketer, motorcycle test rider, ISS monitor, race registration coordinator,  office manager, worked the games down the shore as a kid, plenty of retail shops and a few more I'm sure...thinking about some of those still stress me out!

It feels so good to finally find the one that fits.

My Etsy shop has been way more fun and more successful than I could have ever hoped for my first year!
And the blog...well I'm trying!  But thanks for all the love and support on both!

I am NOT excited to go to Ikea tomorrow.
Yes, Ikea on a Saturday afternoon.
I just felt my neck and shoulder muscles tense up at the mere thought.

Why would I attempt such lunacy?

This for starters:

And that's not even the BAD area!

I hijacked 2 of those shelves from my princess and she's not having it any longer.
so it's off to Ikea we go!

The new house has one less closed door room, so my office is open, and it's not pretty.
And it's not organized at all, I broke 2 items last week!
I bumped one thing on a higher shelf and on it's way down to the ground it took out a totally innocent peacock with it!  

I've been focused on the rest of the house, and now that's gotten somewhat under control, I can put it off no longer!

Actually, I'm really excited to have closed door storage.  I LOVE all my items, every single one, but having them all spread out with no rhyme or reason is making my eyes twitch.

So I've been thinking about it incessantly for the past month and a half.
Can I just say that it's worth the time to graph it all out, furniture replicas too?!
More so if you still like to color!

It really does make all the difference when planning out a new layout.
It helps with placement, but also helped me with the cabinetry as far as budget and which styles/sizes would work the best within the space.
Takes so much guesswork out of the experience.

Let's hope my math is correct!

 I can't do it all in one pop, but I'm hoping to make a decent dent and get this shizz tight!
Here's hoping they have my sizes and color choice in stock!

I have quite a bit of unlisted stock, so it will be nice to have everything organized (and NEAT) and I can finally get more of them in the shop!
Since that is the BEST way to justify more shopping!

Summer's coming quick, and I've got many projects to do.  If we could catch a break in humidity, I'd love to tackle some painting projects this weekend too!

Maybe I'll just stick with the cabinets and arranging the office.  Something tells me, it's gonna be an all weekender!

Enjoy the sun and the long weekend!

funny enough, I wasn't posing, I was actually shooting a motherly-going-to-kick-your-ass-glare at my daughter down the way...  Now look again.  
You see it now, right?

And perhaps cool off with a couple of these in your favorite vintage tumblers!

cause I know I will for sure!

Happy Memorial Day!

Have an awesome weekend!
xoxo, Amy

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