Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer time and the living is busy!

Miss me?
This has been one busy summer!  We've been super fortunate to have had several dear friends from AZ come out this summer so we could visit!  
Just seems we've been just hustling and running the whole summer thus far!
I guess I still have in my mind it should be one giant summer break!
Every day at the beach please!

I was very happy to open my August issue of Real Simple magazine to see this beauty...

photo from August 2013 Real Simple Magazine

Since I just picked up this:

It's just so very awesome!  It's pretty solid, but the paint is pretty scuffed and chippy.  My daughter is a bit ticked, since she's been asking for one of these for YEARS.  And she's not getting this one either.  Before you deem me a mean-old-mommy, we're in a rental, and I'm not about to wreck her ceilings trying to find a secure place to hang this baby.

My intent is to have it land in the shop, but my concerns are A. The current paint status - like should I give her a clean fresh coat?  Or leave as is and let someone choose the color and finish themselves? and B.  Shipping.
Damn oversized shipping.  

I know there are tons of sellers that deal in larger items all day long, but since I've never done it, I'm apprehensive to risk sending this in the belly of a Greyhound bus... 
That all said, if any of you have used a LTL (less than a load) service and can recommend, please do! 

I know I can package it well, as those 2 chinoiserie Elephant garden stools have sold, and they've both made it safe to their new home!  In all fairness it took a good couple hours to pack them up!  Hope she loves them!  I actually miss seeing them!

Let's see, what else has been keeping me busy...
Oh THIS happened!

This is what you get for trying to clean you house people!  I was vacuuming, and I barely touched it to steady it so I could vacuum around it, (cheating) and next thing I know the top half is in my hand and theres pennies rolling everywhere!
I was so pissed!  I kind of collect these glass carboys.  When I say kinda I mean I have 2 huge demi-johns and 3 vintage glass carboys, and I can never say no to one under $50!
This particular one was super clean, I mean SUPER clean, and had a lovely aqua tint to it.  
So I googled the markings and turns out this PARTICULAR brand of current carboys has a real problem with this occurring!  
Many pix, and they have all broken the same way!
It's CRISA, made in Mexico.  Now I have some vintage Crisa glass votives, and they seem pretty hardy, so perhaps it's just some of there newer things, and maybe just limited to these glass jugs.  Not sure, but I would stay far away from this brand for this type of item!

And since I can't seem to throw anything away, I'm considering using the top half as a terrarium on either front or back porch.  We sanded the edges on the bottom piece and it's now a "dish".

Sigh.  If you do happen upon another brand vintage car boy and it's clean consider yourself lucky and pay what they're asking!
But if you find one that's all hazed up but not cracked nor chipped, this is how I clean them:

First buy some cheap gallon of vinegar.  Dump the entire contents into the jug, next take hot water and fill the difference and just let that baby soak...

If this doesn't do the trick, go buy a large box of Alka Seltzer tablets, any brand, probably want to go store brand here and save some $$.  Fill the jug with water and drop a bunch of those tablets in.  I realize "a bunch" isn't super helpful, but the way I think about it is, if you need 2 for a small glass of water for something denture sized, you're gonna need quite a few more for this sized jug.

Both of those methods, done separately, should really make a big difference in clarity for the bottle.  Just please use care in lifting these jugs while full.  Even though the older ones were made to take some abuse, it is more common for the necks to snap when people naturally grab the neck to lift it.

Found this little ugly, chipped guy the other day...

Bernie the plaster Bison, mounted no less!
But I just had a fleeting thought and figured what's the harm?!

So I brought him home and naturally I already had cans of gold spray paint lying around, I mean what little crafter doesn't?

And Viola!

OMG he's awesome!
So I instantly texted a pic to my bff - you know you do it too!

And she says, I want him!  It's perfect for my friend X blah blah inside joke and all that.

WHAT?  I was going to put him in the shop!   Everyone was going to fall in love with him and think I'm so super talented and creative-like!

Ha, kidding!  well no,  not really kidding at all.

So Bernie the Golden Bison is in route to his new home.  tear.
(he IS really cool tho, right?!)

Since we're smack dab in the middle of summer it shames me to say this, but I've begun adding Christmas and fall holiday items to the shop!

Christmas Tree Votives, Jack O Lantern votives, brass apples, Brass leaves!

I know, I know, I know!  It's too early!
I agree, but guess what?  There's a whole giant group of people that are all organized and prepared and are actually shopping for these things NOW, versus waiting until the last minute when the good stuff has been picked over or shipping becomes pricey due to expedited services required.
Hm, who knew?
I would say I am definitely not one of them, but I do have all these wonderful holiday items on hand, recently polished and ready to go!
Maybe I am getting more organized and prepared after all!
go me!

My little shop has over 300 items in it currently!  I can't believe how it's grown!
And I've got many, many more fabulous items to add as well!
You can't have too much of a good thing... can you?
Besides, options and choices are a great thing!

Oh and I've got HUGE exciting news too coming up!  I've been asked to sell some of my lighting on a hugely popular design website!
I was over the moon, and since it isn't all finalized just yet, I'm apprehensive to share the name just yet.  I will say they have a gorgeous vintage section, with some really amazing, talented vintage sellers on there!  I will be in great company, and I was just flattered they asked!  Hopefully I'll have more details soon!  I'll post here as soon as I finalize the details!

One last thing!
A HUGE thank you to Tiffany for entering my 1 year Etsy Anniversary giveaway!
She is the new owner of a lovely vintage mirrored vanity tray!

My past year has been so exciting, and I'm continuing to have so much fun!  

Enjoy your summer!

xoxo, Amy