Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ok Autumn, I'm ready!

Isn't it supposed to be AUTUMN?!  

Evidently not here in Florida, man I want to start bustin' out the boots and knee socks and scarves and sweaters!

Wait, knee socks?!
Am I too old for these now?

I found some kick ass vintage Frye campus boots on Etsy last year, and I just can't do it until we at least hit the 80s.

Yeah, awesome boots, see ya in December!

I've got a 3 tiered rolling cart I use in the garage to hold, (or hoard - you know same diff) until I can get to polishing them.  Naturally, it's overflowing at the moment.
I keep making these totally bs promises to myself, that I will STOP shopping for the shop until I get some of the items I already have listed.

Am I getting redundant?

(funny - I thought a gif would be so appropriate right here, but I literally just spent 16min watching them via Google search AND I didn't even find one I liked enough! 
what a time suck!)

Ok so I've admitted it's total crap.  And I'm just going to keep on buying and stacking and buying and get the idea.

For some reason I've acquired a mass of tables over the past couple of weeks!  I will say my finds tend to have a "theme" and I guess it's table time!
I stumble upon some really amazing furniture finds, but I'm just not ready to start shipping by freight.  Not to mention the storage aspect!  So coffee, side, cocktail and end tables allow me offer some furniture, but totally FedExable!

In no particular order:
2 sets of nesting tables
(let's say 2 sets instead of saying SIX, shall we?)
a pair of plant tables
TWO brass trunks (end tables)
brass tray topped spider table
Oh...and a small marble topped table, whose base has since been polished all shiny and pretty!

these beauties aren't up yet.

this baby has found her "forever home!"

this one has a twin!

this one should be up by the end of the week!
I shined up the base and it's made a bid difference.

How's about this freakin' awesome mail holder!

Fairly certain I'm keeping this golden domed cage of fabulousness!
Besides, it's totally keeping me organized right now!  (snicker)

Do you rip out pages of magazines for something you want or simply want to refer to later?
I do this compulsively, but they tend to just end up everywhere.

It's not like I don't have a proper place or method to store them, 
I just don't.

Oh, and don't think because I tear out the pages I like that I toss the magazines either.
Because I don't.

I ripped this one out because of that gold lacquered teardrop thing.

Because I have one just like it in a vibrant orange!
Still don't know what it is, but I love it!
I'm guessing it was used to hold tea.
If you know for certain, tell me!

ummm... HELLO gold glittery mascara?
yes please!

hard candy lash tinsel glitter mascara in gold digger
Holy Crap, did I name that stuff? That's a whole lotta words!

How great would a thin, blush leather bralette be layered underneath
EVERYTHING sheer you own?

fleur de mal bra via Marie Claire 9/13

I immediately sent a photo of that bralette to the bff and asked her if she could/would make one for me.  We both sew, but she SEWS.  Yannowhatimean?

I know...clearly this is in this pretty magazine so you can BUY it! Not have your homegirl make it for you!
Puhleese! I can assure you that they do NOT have a size that will fit me just right so it can looks like I imagine it will in my head!
Although I don't know that is simply a total sizing issue actually.

Well whatevs, 
she never answered, so I guess I'll have to try to find it to wrangle it on and see what happens!  

I cannot ever get enough of these little brass boxes!
Over in Etsyland they're called "Cricket Boxes"
But when you research that term, the history explains they were made of porcelain.
No where, except Etsy, did I find them described as made of brass.

So when I first listed these I totally refused to call them that.
Someone sent me a message to point out that they are "Cricket Boxes"
And I totally misread her email, as though she was ASKING me.
Evidently she was TELLING me.

So you can find my brass Cricket Boxes sprinkled throughout the shop!

I have several on a bookcase, but they're much larger than these and I can hide  way more junk in them!
These are sweet though, once I shine them up a bit they'll be up too!

How gorgeous are these vintage demi johns?!
I need to find a better way to display them all together.
I've seen them done beautifully in various blogs, but they take up a good deal of space, so you really have to have the right setting.  Or at least the space allowance.

The smaller ones will be listed soon, but the biggie is all MINE!

Then there are these!

2 three feet tall brass candle holders!

They are going to be so fantastic...
once I get through what looks to be about 765 years of tarnish!

I may wait until it cools off a bit more before starting on these two!
I see many hours ahead of me on those!

Will be soooo worth it when they're back to being all gold and shiny and amazing!
At least they're not as tall as these were!

I'm still getting some Christmas and holiday items ready to list.
I was so pleased with myself that I've been amassing them to be ready for the season, and I need to get them up before I miss it!

Just wanted to check in!
Can someone will Autumn to happen now please?!

xoxo Amy