Saturday, October 5, 2013

Really Ikea? Really?!

I am fully aware that often when something is marked down, there's a specific reason.
A lot of times it's damage of some sort.  But a lot of the time at Ikea, it's usually due to the item having been a display.

It's a trade off, and you just need to discern if it's a blemish you can live with or not.
Simple, right?

Well how about when you spot the awesome item with a corresponding awesome price tag and you're just so damn excited you don't look over the item for that "reason" as well as you should.

Actually this happens to me quite a bit.  I'm one of those people who talks, jumps, moves, acts before thinking kind of people.  Slowing down could benefit me greatly.

So while at Ikea for the 2nd time in a week, I was perusing the AS IS section and saw these 2 great navy and white rugs.  I immediately thought they'd be perfect on either side of my bed.  I noticed one of the tags...

SWEET!  They were floor models, but on a platform which means very little foot traffic.  And the white looked crisp, not dingy at all.
And c'mon, you can't beat that price.  In fairness, even at the original price of $20 it's a steal.

So I get home, rip off all the tags, and lay them out next to the bed to see if they'll work.

And don't you know there is a 10inch tall, green sharpie writing that says AS IS
across the damn rug?!
Not on the tag. Not on the seam. Not on any hems.

That's jacked up Ikea person who did this.  Just crappy.

Although it's not really showing up in the photo very well, I can assure you that you can see it in person clear across the room.

Thankfully these are reversible, but kinda liked that idea so I could flip them to keep them fresh longer.

I just noticed in posting the link to the rugs that they list them as black, not Navy like I'm convinced they are.  So you can call them what you want, but I'm calling them Navy.


Ikea is one of those stores that I love everything one season and hate everything the next.
But I also think it's like Target, it's just a necessity sometimes.

Those PAX shelves are saving my ass in my office!
I am still struggling with the mirrored doors, in that I'm not sure if it's just too much or not.
Once I have them all situated and you can see the floor of my office/workspace again I'll post photos.  But be kind, because there's no way I'm swapping those doors out anytime soon dolls!

I was rearranging them yesterday to allow for additional shelving, and I had left a couple of the doors open.
Can I just say that it scared the living crap out of me no less than 3 times!
I kept walking into the room, seeing a person and freaking out.

Yes, the person was me.  And yes I did do it several times before shutting the doors before opting to not having a full on heart attack.

Have you seen the latest Ikea catalog with that super awesome green velvet couch?

I am sure you have, it's been mentioned in just about every blog I read. 
And now this one too, although probably much later than the others...

 I have never been a fan of green, but I'm so loving on this couch.
Isn't Emerald Green the "Pantone Color of the Year"?
Matt doesn't care for it one bit, so it's not going to ever live in my home, but man it's really pretty fantastic.  

Um, yeah, don't think I missed the fact that the rugs were written on with the very same green as I'm about to discuss.  Weird?

So since I've acknowledged my living room is pretty bland and doesn't have nearly enough color, I'm thinking our tv console table in this color?

Super glossy lacquered, of course.

Similar to these couple,


This navy blue looks pretty fab too...
Really, either of these colors would work beautifully with the smaller pops of gold, whites, aquas and even a smidge of orange or coral that shows up from time to time across my living room.

I mentioned a few posts back about wanting a painted piece with a big pop of color, and I think this may be the perfect fit.

I grabbed this Hooker table for just over $100 and was a total steal since I see them online closer to 2 grand!  

I fell in love with the legs and the size, and the 2 drawers were just a bonus.

That scalloped detailing across the front I'm not such a fan of, but I love the rest of it so much I don't notice it as much anymore.

Now the next question is do I attempt this myself, or pay for a pro?
I'm pretty handy, but I'd say I also don't know when to admit something is beyond my scope.

This is my next project after I square these cabinets/office situation away.  So we'll see how I feel in a week or so.

I'm down if you have an opinion about it being that bright rich green.
Yes I realized I haven't shown the entire room, but just base it on that piece alone, tell me what you think!

Unless, of course, you think it's a horrible idea.  Then I don't want to know!

OMG I found these most glam frames a couple weeks ago!
They remind me of a gold disco ball.

Pair of them, and they're HUGE!

Now the print isn't really my thing, so I pulled off the paper and there was an 80s print underneath.

Which actually looks like a quality piece, except for the fact someone glued it to the mat for the front print.  Bummer.

I am so so so in love with these frames though!

Now I've got 2 situations.
What to put in them, and where to hang them!

They really are quite glam and sparkly in person.  The only room that I have that many shiny finishes is my bedroom and office.

But maybe once I lacquer up that console table I'll bring them into the living room.

But what to fill them with?!

I don't have much larger "art" on my walls.  And what I do have just sort of fell into place.

I've only once had a frame first and filler secondary.

Matt's mom gave me a gorgeous frame, and I placed a small Hermes scarf inside.  But I just did it sort of half assed to see if I even liked it, and I did, and it's still in the same questionable condition as when I first did it.

My to do list never shrinks.  Only grows and grows.

I've got some really beautiful shots we've taken at the beach, maybe blown up they'd be a good fit.  Perhaps some original art would be the way to go.

I think they're still pretty new to me, I don't want to rush it, maybe something will click in the relative future.

I've got to get back to the disaster area of my workspace, just wanted to check in.

I've still been adding items to the shop, there's quite a bit to look through lately!

Added these amazing brass tiebacks:

And these HUGE brass swan candle holders- I know they're big, but I also know that someone is going to have the perfect place to display them!

And I'm not sure why this beauty hasn't been snatched up yet, if I didn't already have several I'd be keeping this one for myself!

Never, ever enough shiny golden brass!

xoxo, Amy