Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project list just growing?!

I'd love to say I have painted that console table since last posting...

 I bought paint.  And a sprayer.
And it's still not painted.

Going with that Tabriz Teal for the console.  The truer emerald greens, although pretty all over the internet, in person I just couldn't do it.  This has just enough blue in it I think.

I got a couple brass handles for the drawers, from Etsy, thinking I'd buff them up all super shiny and whatnot, but after I got them I realized the brass is just too thin.  If I put them on the buffer all the design will be lost for sure.  I may still attempt to hand polish... but that's really, really low on the list.

And because I don't have enough unfinished projects, I got these cuties -

One will be above teal and the other will be that Liberty blue with metallic gold in the grooves and the insides of the legs.

I usually use Behr paint, but I haven't been feeling super great lately and the Sherwin Williams store is evidently 1.5mi away.  So Sherwin Williams it is!
Kid was great, accepted my coupon and gave it back for me to reuse.  He also said they always have some coupon running and if I don't have one with me, they'll find one for me.

I think I'm going to try out my sprayer on these littles first before I destroy that Hooker console.  And they'll be heading in the shop.

Saw these babies on CircaWho

so naturally I want to paint my bedroom dressers in that Liberty color.
Higher on the list than the handles, but not by much.

I found 20 brass chargers, some from India, some from Denmark, but same size overall.
Thought they'd be awesome in time for the holidays, add some sparkle to a tablescape. But they have been a total bitch to polish.  And while I did manage to polish the top sides, the bottoms now look worse comparatively.  
But seriously, if you invite someone over for a nice fancy sit down dinner and they start picking up your chargers and looking underneath them they should not be invited back!

That justification didn't really work on me either, so I'm slowly getting through the undersides.

Also acquired this pair:

Thayer Coggin Milo Baughman bitches.
And they hug me when I sit in them.
They're very low and pretty narrow seating allowance, but OMG.

That peachy-pink velvety fabric is actually in pretty damn fine condition less a little surface dirt in a couple areas.

I am super torn with this pair.  If I sell, it's a nice chunk toward my bike fund.  If I price them like they do on 1st dibs, I could buy the damn bike immediately. 
But I won't, promise!

Yes, I have a bike fund, doesn't everyone?
We got rid of our streetbikes when we moved to Florida, and the Ruckus is fun, but I miss having a bike.

Those club chairs really are spectacular...  guess we'll see.

I heard it snowed in Jersey yesterday...this was a couple weeks ago here:

In full disclosure, it wasn't really hot.  I mean I had my bathing suit on, but underneath my clothes and they didn't come off.
And it's like 50 degrees today, and my hot water isn't working. (hour 3 of waiting past the scheduled repair guy arrival time)
See?  Balance.

Hoping all your projects are moving along faster than mine and you're enjoying Fall or Early Winter with great boots, scarves and some cashmere! Speaking of cashmere - sidenote: ew which I'm wearing today and recently discovered it's goat hair? 
Anyone confirm or deny this?!