Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't call it a comeback

Because it's more like a set back.

Nobody likes a whiner, but I'm going to just bang it out real quick and move on.
Last fall my husband found out he had 3 herniated discs, this has been pretty debilitating for him and still not over.  He's not one to lay around nor complain, so I know this has been super hard on him.  Surgery soon.
In addition to this, early in January I passed out cold in my kitchen whacking the granite with my noggin on the way down.
Thankfully my husband hadn't left for work yet, as we had a friend in town, and he found me on the kitchen floor out cold in a pool of blood.
so dramatic...
So concussed and 6 staples later I was definitely a bit loopy and not functioning at normal capacity.

I'm not working out, I'm barely cleaning the house, laundry and grocery shopping only gets done when there really isn't anything left, it's been an ugly couple of months.

My husband and I are usually pretty in tune to each other, and without a doubt each one's strongest supporter so with us both out of whack, it's taken a toll.

I'm definitely better from my injury, and the only residual is some slight sense of sloth that kind of took over the house. But I'm climbing out, slowly, but climbing.  He's got surgery in less than 2 weeks and we're really hoping it will enable him to get back to normal.

I've been listing new items in the shop and I'm sort of spring cleaning as it were.

Purging some old furniture and rearranging bit by bit.

Planting some flowers when it's not raining.

I pick up these brass planters often.  Originally my intent was to polish them, but the patina is so deep I just can't commit the time right now.  And being that they're for my back covered patio, the chances of them staying shiny is minimal.

I have an outdoor sofa, oversized bench, that we had on our front porch.  But since we haven't really spent any time out there as of late, the squirrels took it over.

They pretty much partied on it every night.  Acorn shells an inch deep on the ground surrounding the sofa and ON the sofa.  
I had splurged on some West Elm pillows for this to have a comfy layered come flop on me with a book and a cocktail look.
Those damn squirrels DESTROYED them.
I won't go into further detail, but I think when you think of them partying on it every night you can fill in the imagery for yourself.

So since I purchased the sofa at World Market, I was hopeful they had at least the base replacement cushion.  And they do, but man, I am so cheap when it comes to this sort of thing!  Besides, I got the set marked down so spending that much on a replacement cushion, which isn't that cushiony anyway - to be honest, seemed silly.

I'm all -I'll just get some raw foam cushion and sew a cover myself.  I didn't want a fancy box cushion cover, I mean it would be nice, but I don't have that sort of focus right now.  
 Although I have no chance of getting a proper cover sewn any time in the next weeks, you just have to go buy that foam when Joann is offering it a 50% off.
It's a rule.

So in the interim I've got a brightly colored blanket from Mexico kind of folded over the cushion. 

Which may actually stay, but better attached, because I like how it looks with the rug.
It's a lot of color and it's bright, but an outdoor patio can certainly handle it.

It's getting there, it already feels like an improvement, and I'm going to keep tweaking.  But I like the flavor of the direction it's going.

Nevermind when you turn to the other side, you've got this view...

Which is my giganto photo area.  Yes, needs to be and should be better.
One thing at a time!

There's a table in between the 2 sides, but I'm over them.  I need a new set up.

Why oh why didn't I take these when I saw them, for $199 each complete I might add!

The brass one in all it's Chinoiserie glory wouldn't really have looked right out there, but it doesn't change that is was AWESOME.
Even now looking at these pix that I took months ago, I'm still getting a headache about not getting the first set.

And let's not get too into why I'm focusing on this area at all when I've got so many more inside projects or just things to address in general that are way higher on priority list!
My natural rebellion?

On Thanksgiving I bought a bunch of small succulents and plopped them into little white porcelain lotus bowls for the table.
I already had a huge round glass bowl to move them to after.

And I'm happy to report they're still alive and kicking!  Although I'm thinking a good drop of water may be in order.

Seriously, if you aren't plant friendly, I cannot push succulents enough! 
They really take a great deal of neglect, should it mistakenly occur, and when you knock off a piece, you just stick it in some water or down in the soil and that baby fights to keep going!

I make no promises, but I've got quite a few projects in limbo, and I'd love to get them up here way sooner than later!

Thanks for checking back in!