Friday, September 12, 2014

Deal of the Year and pretending I haven't been MIA

Hey strangers!

Wow that was pretty lame of me, talking all these medical issues than just dropping off the planet!  How rude!

Happy to report all is well health wise in my house and anxious to get back into some projects.   It almost feels like spring, when you just have a new vigor and want to purge and redo as much as you can!  
It’s a fantastic feeling and I’m happy to have it again!

3 cups of coffee in and I’m ready to chat kids!

My little paint sprayer is still. in. the. box.  But really hoping the humidity breaks relatively soon so I can start spraying everything I can get my hands on!  
Not unlike using a can of gold spray paint for the first time…EVERYTHING would look SO much better sprayed in gold!   I’ve mentioned this before, it is actually a continuing problem.

I’ve been limited this summer to stocking the shop from local sources, and really missing traveling and scoring more obscure finds, like this super cool mounted brass deer head…

It wasn’t easy to list this guy.  Nevermind the treacherous job of polishing him, I actually made Matt help because I was certain that baby was going to fly off the buffer and definitely impale me.   But, I really wanted to incorporate it into my bedroom, drape some pretty necklaces from it, or use if for hand towels in our bath,  but I can’t keep everything and I’ve still got a lot yet to still pare down.  I don't desire to live minimalist by a long shot, it’s not my goal, but I don’t care to come home to a hoarding intervention either.  Besides, he’s a star and should be highlighted as such and he wouldn’t be in my room as it is designed now. 

I’ve noticed this sort of refined rustic or rustic glam popping up everywhere, and I’m kinda digging it and this guy would be ideal in that type of setting.  

 I also think the way I’ve seen it done it well, wouldn’t be too trendy or so specific that you’d be locked in and dated down the road. Okay, so maybe this is not a necessarily NEW concept, since every photo I sourced was a year or 2 old... but it’s reached full saturation stage.  Which is a good thing if you like the look, because you’ll find a lot more great bits to incorporate, along with a lot more representations to aide you in your path.  There is also a lot of ways to bend this so it’s not so specific.   Lots of shine or sparkle, fresh whites and neutrals, tastefully mixed well with worn woods/leathers and classic fabrics, think linens and wools.  But not without a rich pop of color like a teal or coral, or whatever they are calling those colors this year... 
It’s probably a bit tricky to get started, as it does lean toward the more minimal side,  but easy to follow once you’ve got a good beginning.  It’s definitely inspiring me and some of the changes I want to make in my own home.

Items I think would compliment this style nicely?


not for nothing, this bowl weighs a ton and is the perfect balance of worn but not beat up, and that teal is so rich in person!

I’ve been on the lookout for a few rugs to fill in throughout the house, but I definitely struggle here.  I have no doubt discussed this before.  What I like, and choosing from the sheer amount that I like, along with making it work aren’t always super easy for me.   This is for sure my biggest "design" struggle.  Which results in no rugs, or "temporary" cheap rugs that I ultimately despise.

 And then there is the cost.  
Look everyone has their dollar perception- like I wouldn’t think twice about dropping a wad on a pair of shoes, (or a weekend in vegas!)  but I hesitate with the same cost on a rug! 
Which I am fully aware is silly since I'll get a lot more wear out of a rug that looks great vs a pair of shoes that I will only wear once in a while.  I get it, I just can't help it.

 So although I can’t explain it, I bet we all have those sort of balances.  Or unbalances as it were.  It could be all my time spent hunting and searching for the perfect items at the perfect price point that has jaded me a bit, or at least its a contributor.

I saw this sweet baby at a local thrift shop and immediately said, Oh, this is good! 

 Colors were perfect and pattern was fresh and not so style specific.   Price tag was only around $100.  But I waited. I know, crazy right?  Mostly because it was on the smaller side and I was doubting my ability to place it in a way that I’d like.  And not having any other rugs in this style in the house made me nervous it would stand out in a bad way.  Yes, even at a clean hundo I could not pull the trigger.  so sad.

So fast forward a few weeks, and it was marked 40% off, SAY WHAT?!   (just so you know 40% equates to 50% in my head - I don’t know, I don't have reasons for all my irrationality)  So imagine my sheer delight when she rang it up and it was, in fact, 60% off?!  

I only paid $36 and some change for this wool rug. 

  It definitely needs a cleaning, but at that price tag, the high cost of cleaning is offset pretty darn nicely. I found the perfect spot and it looks better than I could have hoped.  

Kismet, dolls.  
Sometimes something is just supposed to be yours!  
ha, it’s easy to say that when you actually get the item you first passed on and should have nabbed.  Trust...this is not lost on me.
Of course the bar is set so high with this transaction I may never find another rug or deal like this again…

You will hear about it if I do!

It’s September again, and time for all the holiday hoopla to begin.  More so now having a retail shop, I’ve got to give more consideration to my timelines.  Yes, I’m going to be one of those early birds listing Christmas, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah items in September! 
 C’mon you have to respect those that have their shizz dialed in ahead of time and organized like and shop for these holidays in advance! 
 I’m shooting to be one of them, well at least with the shop.  Because I know my procrastinating self will still be Christmas shopping come December 16th!  I’ve got a large assortment of beautiful vintage ornaments going up within the next week.  (even though I want to keep them all to myself - muahaha!)  

I’ve missed doing this and the projects that go along with, I’m happy to even just FEEL like jumping back in!